In searching for a partner in the power business for our growing restaurant business, I contacted Aaron Rocha of Maximum Power. Through Aaron, Maximum has been able to collaborate with us to make great strides in reducing the cost of our electricity and defiantly upped the game when it came to customer service. Maximum has been able to get us out of several jams and always made it happen in our favor. I have made numerous recommendations to several business owners and they have never been disappointed. We will be partners for many years to come.

El Tiempo Cantina, Houston Texas

Check out what our customers have to say about Maximum Power and why it is The Power of Choice. 

Making the decision to work with Aaron several years ago has been one of the best decisions we have made in regards to

saving money.  Aaron has watched the market and has been able to save us multiple thousands of dollars.   We are thankful

for his hard work and dedication to us as customers.  Communicating with Aaron and Maximum Power has never been an

issue and response time is great!
Thank you Aaron and Maximum Power for making sure your customers get the best service and best rate in the

energy market!

First United Pentecostal Church, Odessa, TX 

Maximum Power has saved me a ton of money. I was a new homeowner and just completed my first year contract with another provider and the bills were decent in spring and fall but summer and winter it would jump way up, as I’m sure most people see in their bills. When Maximum Power came to me for my business, they promised there would be more consistency in my bills and more importantly, it would come at a cheaper rate. The customer service was outstanding so I happily joined and I will forever be a customer. I can run my A/C or heater as much as I want and have the comfort of knowing my wallet won’t be hurting when the energy bill comes in for that month.
Not only did they help me though, my parents were going through a financial hardship and I asked if they’d be willing to take a look at their contract as well. Not only did they take a look, they ended up saving my parents over 50% on their bill every month. A summer bill that was coming in at over $400 with a major energy provider was now just a year later coming in at $190. My parents will forever be grateful for the service Maximum provides and I know I can speak for them as well when I say that I wouldn’t recommend a company more, in any profession, than I would Maximum Power for all your energy needs!

Zamora Family, North Dallas Texas

Aaron was a great help in researching and providing electric service for us and has saved us alot of money both at our offices and our home. He is personable, efficient and professional! We have recommended him to several friends, family, and business associates.

Midland Fair Havens, Midland, TX

It has been great to work with your team.  We cannot thank you enough for helping us reduce our electricity cost.  We are saving 35-40% from what the previous provider was overcharging us.  We truly appreciate the professionalism and information provided by your team.  The process was simple, fast and saves us real money every month.  We are recommending your service to our clients and we look forward to a long relationship with your team.    

Careington International Corporation, Frisco Texas

Thank you so much for working so hard to get my home and business switched to Maximum Power! We just received our bill for both our home and business and are extremely happy that we enrolled with Maximum! We haven’t had an electric bill under $200 for longer than I can remember and our bill is $82! With our nonprofit, Women Rock, every dollar saved is another dollar we can use for our community programs.

Women Rock, Sherman TX

I want to thank the folks at Maximum Power for helping me save so much on my electric bill!  I am a single father, so saving money is a necessity.  By using Maximum Power for my energy needs I have been able to cut my electric bill almost in half!  It was a simple process to switch to your company and I have been incredibly pleased with the results.  Thanks again for helping me save!

Alexander Family, Pottsboro TX